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Facial Rounds Caddy
Facial Rounds Caddy

Facial Rounds Caddy

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These facial round caddies were designed and 3D printed in Canada from plant-based material. 

• Fits up to 24 Facial Rounds perfectly

• Measures 8cm x 8cm x 5.7cm tall

• 100% bio-based

• Stackable (just flip the lid over to fit the groove on the bottom of the caddy)

• Sleek, modern design

• Made from a high performance 100% bio-based polymer (sustainably sourced sugar cane, beet root, and recycled waste crops). At the end of their long life, they are accepted for industrial composting and even compostable in larger backyard composting set-ups that have adequate heat & microbial life. 

Made in Canada

**Facial Rounds Sold Separately**