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Farro, Organic - Maine Grains

Farro, Organic - Maine Grains

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Farro is the Italian name for ‘hulled’ wheat. The ancient strains of hulled wheat include spelt, emmer, and einkorn. These grains have a husky “hull” that must be removed to get the edible kernel on the inside. Farro “perlato”, refers to pearled wheat, whereby the tough bran coat has been polished to let water in during cooking and create a tender bite. Maine Grains pearled farro is made from spelt and still has some of its bran intact, giving the grain a roasted, nutty flavor while providing high fiber, protein and vital nutrients. Use like you would rice in pilaf, soups, and grain salads.  Farro does contain gluten and is not suitable for those with celiac disease. 

To Cook Farro:
1 cup pearled Maine Grains Farro

2 cups water
dash of salt (optional)

Combine with water in a pot and bring to a boil.
Reduce heat to low, cover and simmer for 20-30 minutes until grains are tender and have absorbed all the liquid.

Notes and suggestions:

  • Blend with roasted vegetables, herbs, crumbled cheese and a protein of your choice for a balanced grain bowl meal.
  • Add farro to soups, or use like pilaf in place of rice.
  • Warm cooked farro in a skillet with vegetables, crack an egg into the warm farro, cover and serve once the egg is cooked through to your liking.
  • Farro is also delicious prepared like risotto.