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Soap Bar

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Handcrafted soaps containing no animal products, palm oil, or synthetic materials. Created to be environmentally friendly and great for your skin. All oils, butters, waxes and essential oils are sustainably harvested and ethically sourced.  Handmade with love and infused with loads of good energy. 

Net Wt 4+ oz.

+ Handmade + Essential Oil Based + Palm Free + Vegan + Cruelty Free +


Cedar and Citrus:  The beautiful smell of cedar essential oil is combined with citrus and lavender oils to create a soap that is warm and sultry. Along with essential oils of cassia and patchouli and rose clay, this is an earthy, heart warming scent you will love.

Frankincense and Myrrh:  The deeply meditative essential oils of frankincense and myrrh evoke a sense of the far east. Ancient aromas that have been revered for more than 5,000 years.

Grapefruit and Lime:  Grapefruit is known for its ability to sooth hard to manage skin so this is a great soap for those with sensitive skin as well as those with either dry and oily skin.  Its has essential oils of pink grapefruit, lime, and litsea cubeba, and strawberry seeds.

Lavender Patchouli:  Two favorites, Bulgarian Lavender and East Indian Patchouli essential oils team up to make a gorgeous blend of east meets west. 

Orange Fennel:  The sweet smell of orange blossoms combined with just a touch of fennel is stunningly delicious.

Spicy Chai:   Made with some of the most ancient essential oils known to man: cinnamon, cassia and patchouli, this soap smells just like chai tea.

Sweet Basil Vanilla: This popular blend of essential oil of basil, vanilla oleoresin and glacial marine clay is a unique herbal fusion that can only be described as rich, sweet and earthy.

Ingredients:  Water, olive oil, organic coconut oil, non-GMO organic soy bean oil, and essential oils.