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Extend the life of your veggies with Vejibag!

Made from 100% French terry organic cotton that is undyed, this produce bag provides a humid yet breathable environment that keeps produce crisp and fresh for longer than traditional plastic bags.

Veggies love moisture, and this reusable, washable, and durable bag provides the perfect space for them to be stored in your fridge. Plus, all materials are grown, milled, and produced in the USA!

  • 100% organic cotton veggie bag that extends the life of your produce and reduces food waste
  • Provides a humid but breathable environment for your produce
  • Machine washable and reusable

Available in 3 sizes:

  • Standard size is 11” X 12” - great for carrots, cucumbers, peppers, baby spinach or small lettuce heads
  • Large size is 11” X 17” - great for kale, celery, zucchini, leafy heads of lettuce or loose leafy greens
  • Extra Large size is 14" X 17" - great for heads of lettuce, lots of kale, collards, beets

Vejibag is the healthy, eco-friendly alternative to plastic, for storing and preserving vegetables in the refrigerator. Stow all kinds of moisture-loving greens, carrots, celery, and greens to keep fresh and crisp for up to two weeks, by providing a humid environment that also breathes.

  • Made from pure, non-toxic, un-dyed Organic Cotton
  • French Terry Knit
  • 100% US Made

To use: just wet the bag, then wring it out until damp. Rinse veggies and shake off excess water. Store in main compartment of fridge, and re-wet bag slightly if it dries out over several days.

To clean: turn bag inside out, wash with fragrance free detergent. Hang dry or machine dry on low. If your bag gets stained you can safely remove most stains with an oxygen bleach or make your own environmentally friendly stain remover solution with 1 cup of 3% hydrogen peroxide and 2 Tablespoons of Arm and Hammer Washing Soda. Add enough hot water to the hydrogen peroxide/washing soda solution to cover bag and let sit 24 hours.